When is choosing a cloud provider like buying food?

I guess it shouldn’t be surprising how much confusion there still is about cloud computing.  Those of us that are living and breathing IT and cloud are really at a push to keep up with the vast array of options, definitions and perspectives that the industry commentators, vendors and customers are constantly coming up with (me included).

And just when you think you’ve got it sorted; some clever beggar comes up with yet another solution or perspective that you need to get your head around.

So I’m always pleased when I find an analogy or explanation that helps me understand the context of what’s happening in the cloud computing market.

Just the other day I read an interesting blog by Gregor Petri (Research Director at Gartner).

He’s used a great analogy to compare the expectations we might have of a cloud provider’s services with the level of service we get (or don’t get) from restaurants and supermarkets, in that some cloud providers offer raw ingredients in a ‘supermarket type’ service – and others cater for those who require a full service experience, like you would get in a restaurant.

This really resonated with me, and I’m sure if you’ve ever tried to understand what’s included or not included in a cloud service (or have ever assumed what you would get) then his view on this will appeal to you too.  (…or perhaps I just like it because it’s about food?)

He also uses the analogy to explore the emerging context of cloud brokerage and DR.  You can find the full blog here.

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4 Responses to When is choosing a cloud provider like buying food?

  1. roger says:

    c’mon Neil we can all find heaps of articles on cloud this and cloud that…maybe instead of re-posting someone elses thoughts you could come up with something of your own that adds value to this debate….

  2. Neil says:

    Fair enough Roger. As you say there’s lots of articles on cloud, but in my view it’s always worth pointing out the good ones. Cheers, Neil

  3. Ian says:

    it would be great to see some content here from gen-i, especially if that content isn’t a pitch for a particular product in disguise! Gen-i is NZ largest IT provider and must have formed some informed and original views on where cloud fits into the IT ecosystem.

  4. Arthur says:

    go gen-i. The ruse of elevated revelation to create a sense of true disruption doesn’t really give the author / organization the reflected kudos desired. Where is the gen-i created analysis on how much business should proceed through all the options that are coming at us hard and fast? What about Windows 8 and the Microsoft cloud for example? C’mon gen-i I’m hanging out here for an impartial view on where i invest and where i don’t.

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