Coming soon to a screen near you: Gen-i’s Video-as-a-Service

Could your business use the power of video conferencing and online collaboration? Would you like to see remote smartphone and tablet based workers play a full role in meetings without the disruption of travel? And could you better serve your customers by allowing them to contact your business via a video link from any device?

Businesses everywhere are waking up to the potential of video. It is already the main form of internal communications for many international corporations and New Zealand’s leading companies.

Video is at the front of the next technology wave already accounting for a massive portion of internet traffic and growing every year.

Until now it’s been hard for smaller companies to get started with business grade video conferencing.  Traditional video conferencing technology needed a major upfront investment in hardware, infrastructure, the network and the support skills to pull everything together.

That’s about to change. Gen-i’s Video-as-a-Service  offer “ReadyCloud Video” will do for video conferencing what cloud computing has done for software and remote infrastructure.

Gen-i is launching a hosted VaaS (video as a service), which will make video-conferencing as simple as using mobile phones, and is even available on most smartphone platforms. In return for a subscription, you’ll get the power and capability of an expensive enterprise grade video system at a fraction of the cost.

We’re using best of breed technology from Cisco and Polycom to power the core video services and connect to our high end TelePresence infrastructure. It’s an open-standards approach which means our customers will be able to connect internally and externally to a very wide range of video endpoints and connectivity types from ISDN to SIP. You’ll also be able to build our ReadyCloud Video into your existing unified communications or our hosted UC and contact centre services.

Our ReadyCloud Video also integrates with Gen-i’s secure networking infrastructure and the ReadyCloud Video  platform is built as a telco grade redundant service, which is what you would expect from the country’s largest carrier.

So if you want to get onboard at the front of the video wave without the big upfront costs, come have a chat to us…

About Aaron McDonald

Manager, Product Propositions
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2 Responses to Coming soon to a screen near you: Gen-i’s Video-as-a-Service

  1. VaaS Fan says:

    Is Vaas a hosted bridge? Is it on the interweb? How do you bill for it?

  2. Aaron says:

    Yep its a hosted bridge in our NZ based Cloud SDP, its able to be accessed from the internet and from any of our WAN or dedicated internet products as well as via third part WAN or internet products via our secure SDP connectors. Its priced at a rate per virtual port per month depending on the types of video services/quality you require. we can also include on premise managed equipment in the monthly price.

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